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Cry, Even higher in case you Beg chapter a hundred thirty five

The army physician checked out the patient with puzzled eyes.

The female changed into not getting better for numerous days now. It changed into tough for him to discover a proper way to have a look at her circumstance because he could not use the usual medicinal drug.

Her pregnancy was proving tough for him to deal with her.

“While will the fever cross down?” most important Herhardt requested as quickly as the medical doctor stepped far from Leyla.

The military doctor grimaced to stand him, swallowing down his nervousness at disappointing the Duke.

There was extra than just a fever in poor health the most important’s woman. He had been amazed she’d managed to continue to exist to date with one of these myriad of situations going on to her body alone.

Another common grownup would now not be vulnerable to death with this fever. nevertheless, together with her pregnancy, and further weakened frame via other illnesses, it became a distinctive be counted altogether.

Dying became proving to be much more likely, but he failed to realize how to interrupt it to the fundamental with out fearing for his existence in return.

On the primary day he become known as to this room, principal Herhardt’s eyes, who spoke blankly approximately the lady’s worsening condition, had a cold and shuddering glint.

He hardly looked like amongst the dwelling and seemed just about geared up to swallow a bullet up his mouth to follow his female.

“We still must be patient-” the health practitioner started out to stammer whilst Matthias cut him off rather rudely.

“Until when?” Matthias growled threateningly deep and occasional in the direction of the doctor.

Ever seeing that he saw her collapse, he at once commenced to nurse her again to fitness. All with the aid of himself, he wanted to do it. He refused anybody else’s aid, snapping at them for even providing to attend to her.

“If we take her to a navy sanatorium in the back, are we able to treat her?” He urgently inquired, searching down at her matted, sweaty golden hair, and stray locks plastered in opposition to her temples as she sweated buckets.

However the doctor shook his head.

“With the affected person’s bodily situation, the journey itself will be too tough to endure.” He quickly defined to the Duke, “And if through some miracle we manipulate to send her there, her being pregnant could still prevent us from treating her with any medication.”

He wanted to provide an explanation for greater about the woman’s condition, however judging via the fundamental’s ominous expression, continuing to talk might simplest benefit his ire. This terrifying expression of his, which made him appear to be a dead man taking walks, only made him be seen like a cornered animal.

However in spite of his posture, his expression remained blank and impassive.

“I am sorry, most important.” The doctor finished with a sullen and resigned tone.

Matthias approached Leyla’s bedside once more, instinctively grabbing her hand in his. She remained stubbornly subconscious.

The frighteningly excessive fever had refused to subside for days. Leyla had stayed subconscious for most of the time. whilst she turned into, it was nonetheless slightly enough to hold her conscious for long, unable to devour past a spoonful of porridge well.

She might groan ad infinitum complaining approximately the warmth and murmur incoherently earlier than blacking out once more.

However, Matthias did not give up.

To come what may lower the heat, he wiped her forehead with a wet towel, wiping it and her frame off of the dirt and sweat that had began to build up. Then, he’d religiously cradle her head and feed the porridge whilst she awoke.

Leyla might scold him 1/2-heartedly for his manhandling of her, however he let it slide. Day in and day trip, he could patiently exchange her clothes, wipe her sweat, and do the same matters over and over with every passing day.

“It is all right, Leyla.” He cooed softly over her delirious fever haze. Then, respiration raggedly in his arms, she groaned in pain as she struggled to keep her eyes open and stare deliriously around them.

“You may get better soon.” He promised. Leyla’s eyes snapped to the light source overhead.

“Uncle bill.” She referred to as out, eyes unfocused as they stared up at him before she gave him a candy, candy smile.

“Leyla.” He breathed reverently.

“Later… within the evening, Kyle-” Leyla’s phrases trailed off, as she resumed babbling incoherently.

Some thing bloodless settled in his chest at the mention of the call.


Despite being subconscious, the name this lady referred to as affectionately stilled the loving caress that became being given to her. Matthias’s hands that have been wiping her sweat away iced up in contemplation.

Amongst her fevered ramblings, Matthias inferred she believed herself to be returned in Arvis earlier than they began their courting collectively as she began babbling on about some stories he’d already read in her diary, her looking after the plant life in the lawn with bill Remmer. Having a lot fun within the woodland and the flower fields. Doing homework with Kyle Etman in their old fashioned little cabin.

Always best 3.

Best the 3 of them continually flashed in her recollections as they spent time collectively, ate dinner, and laughed together.

He seemed down and watched her happy expression as she babbled on and rancid of eloquence. now not a unmarried moment as she shared her reminiscences did her smile fade. while the pain worsened, and she’d grown purple within the face, it disappeared.

After wandering in such illusions for a long time, Leyla misplaced cognizance once more and fell into a deep sleep. in place of waking her up, Matthias dipped a lukewarm towel in a basin. The bones of the hand that twisted the towel as hard as feasible were turning white as he poured each horrible notion he desired to do.

While night came around, Leyla referred to as out for other greater names, however they stayed frequently the identical.



Uncle bill.


And yet, now not a unmarried moment did Matthias pass her fever-addled brain.

A growing rage wakened in him on the blatant insult Leyla kept displaying him even as she changed into ill.

Out of doors the makeshift infirmary, a army vehicle got here rolling by using to a forestall belonging to Bergian forces. One of those that dismounted changed into Riette von Lindman.

He had stopped in the front of a hotel status in the square of the metropolis, stretching a limb overhead as he loosened his limbs up from the lengthy journey. He watched the young infantrymen sitting in businesses and having a leisurely afternoon smoke or chat.

This cozy air of mystery within the camp, a special cry from the warfare he’d come from, at once brightened up Riette’s eyes.

“Riette Lindman!” A noble officer, who diagnosed him, approached with a smile as they greeted every different. Riette shook his hand in go back together with his roguish smile.

“Oh, you’re nonetheless alive.” He jested.

“You understand how i’m.” They lightheartedly rebutted. the 2 persisted changing pleasantries and jokes earlier than they sat side by side at a bar at the lodge’s first ground.

After attaining the top precedence of occupying Sienna, the Berg army turned into scheduled to reorganize its conflict traces right here and march west to assault the capital of Lovita. however, squaddies who were strolling nonstop and triumphing the battle have been given transient depart to experience some time in a warm resort town in the south as a praise for all their hard paintings and sacrifice.

Before the start of the new yr, the emperor’s solemn declaration that he might win and return Berg’s sons, which he pertained to Sienna city, to his family’s palms, however no person with ease believed it.

Now it changed into looking greater and more likely to be authentic.

“What about Matthias?” Riette lightly winced as he downed a shot of brandy, searching round on the lookout for the duke as he asked for his whereabouts. in the end, he turned into the reason why Riette, who’d been assigned to the rear gadgets who supplied the majority of Berg military, came over right here within the first location. to test up on his cousin.

“It is…” The officer, who changed into guffawing mischievously with him not a moment ago, abruptly seemed pensive and hesitant. Riette frowned with difficulty.

“Why? Did something occur? I didn’t hear that he changed into injured.”

“It is no longer like that. predominant Herhardt is secure, but…” the officer commenced to trail off, sighing, “There had been some ordinary matters going on here currently.”

“Oh?” Riette asked, now intrigued, “What could have occurred to that uninteresting man?”

Fingers drummed in opposition to the glass.

“He dragged a pregnant Lovitan girl to camp.”

Riette’s palms stilled before he ought to throw again some other shot of brandy down his throat.

“What?” he croaked, Riette doubting he heard him correctly.

“It is a shock that Duke Matthias von Herhardt, who is not just like the other guys, might unexpectedly feel the urge to claim a lady abruptly! specially a Lovitan lady.” He grumbled, rubbing his temples in splendid confusion, nonetheless unable to wrap his head around their principal’s conduct. “I can not provide an explanation for it.”

“Aw, come on,” Riette prodded, “don’t depart me striking now which you’ve informed me the thrilling bits.”

“In Room 308, move and see it for yourself.” the other soldier grunted, throwing again another shot of brandy for himself, “you’ll understand when you see it.”

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He drank the rest of the drink and shook his head and sighed. Riette, who became looking at him with a frown, left the bar, along the rest of his baggage.

While he climbed the steps and exceeded via the hallway where the room changed into positioned, he did not agree with his friend. Riette notion it changed into certain that he turned into drunk from all of the day consuming he’d been doing. Or possibly he went a bit loopy due to the surprise of struggle. That made greater sense than Matthias von Herhardt committing this type of Scandal amid a excessive-stake conflict.

Soon after, but, Riette became capable of verify the ridiculous fact together with his personal eyes.

Simply as he turned into about to knock, the door to the room abruptly swung open. He nearly crashed into the military medical doctor, who become just about to leave the room.

“Oh, is Matthias in there?” he with politeness asked the doctor, before a sudden burst within the room gave them outstanding alarms!

“Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Come on!” a traumatic yell echoed from inside, before the health practitioner became lower back internal in haste, with Riette following in in shape.

What he noticed significantly baffled him as quickly as he saw his cousin.

His perfect cousin, the ever revered Duke of Arvis, now appeared manic as he shook roughly the fingers of an subconscious, and genuinely, heavily pregnant lady in mattress as he shouted at her.

Matthias had Bloodshot eyes, and age strains on his face have been more distinguished than he remembered. Even the blouse he had on become loose and crinkled. It turned into incredible even when he noticed his kingdom together with his personal eyes.

“Don’t do this, most important! The patient desires to relaxation!” protested the medical doctor as he gripped the major’s wrists to save you him from shaking the lady more or less a few more.

“Do you suspect you can run away if you die?!” Matthias screamed at the female’s face, “do not underestimate me!”

Without any mercy or regard, Matthias shoved the army physician retaining his arm away. He resumed grabbing the subconscious girl mendacity in bed again.

Riette had no clue what become happening, however his body moved anyway, straight away grabbing Matthias’ wrists to save you him from demanding the girl’s condition extra.

“What is happening, Matthias?!” Riette yelled over his cousin’s screams, “what’s the which means of all this-”

In his shock, Riette unexpectedly permit move of Matthias as soon as he saw who became mendacity on the mattress.

He took a few steps away from his cousin.

It became Leyla Lewellin, the lady whom Riette identified properly sufficient.

Taking benefit of Riette’s surprise, Matthias rushed lower back to Leyla.

“In case you run away to demise, i’ll die too! i will chase you!” Matthias exclaimed as he shook her unconscious frame roughly, “You pay attention me, Leyla?! you are mine! Even in case you die, you’ll no longer escape me!”

Matthias, who held and screamed at an unconscious female, appeared like a made beast, compelled into the last of his sanity. Like a pitiful prey thrown in the front of the gun, weighed down with the aid of uncontrollable fear and left most effective with its baser instincts.

Riette reeled again in wonderful disbelief as he watched the insanity unfolding in front of him.

This… This failed to make feel.

As a ways as he knew, Matthias was a man who had lived flawlessly all his lifestyles. He changed into constantly calculating and composed, usually an intimidating predator, and a perfect hunter all his life.

There has been no purpose to believe he may be something else than that.

“Open your eyes now. Open your eyes, Leyla!” Matthias demanded from Leyla, who remained stubbornly limp and unwaking, “See who is in the front of you before you kill Kyle Etman!” He seethed desperately, his body shaking with a slightly hid rage.

A few days in the past, possibly Leyla could have been roused again to unconsciousness along with his cutting-edge movements, however her circumstance had greatly worsened with each passing day. And now, even along with her ragged breaths and groans of pain…

Her eyes may want to handiest stay closed off from him.

Matthias saw this as a mild to him, a stubborn refusal on her element to deny him of her attention.

And it made Matthias need to head crazy.

“Uncle…” Leyla murmured painfully and longingly in her delirium, when she sighed out, Matthias caught the smell of a familiar tang-iron scent. He could most effective stoop lower back into mattress, not able to say something more to make her see him.

She referred to as out for bill Remmer a few more times, a grin constantly following fit earlier than her cloudy green eyes blinked up unfocused in the room. It changed into almost like he become there with them, about to fetch and scouse borrow Leyla away from him.

Matthias appeared round with blank and lifeless eyes, before landing at the window inside the room. It must be a vibrant day out of doors, but he saw no mild. It turned into all darkness.

Ideal darkness with out even a single piece of mild.

Become the gardener genuinely trying to take Leyla away?

What ridiculous concept, he rationalized, but the continual worry refused to go away him.

Simply as bill orchestrated the get away from Arvis with Leyla…

He comes again yet again to take Leyla lower back from the man who fought enamel and nail to reunite them.

“Leyla.” Matthias’ known as out softly, his tune modified over again inside the face of looming loss of life for her. He wrapped Leyla’s heated cheeks along with his arms which started to tremble.

‘Leyla, please.’ He begged in his thoughts as he pressed their foreheads together, earlier than urgent their lips collectively and tasting the blood that had settled on her lips.

She was whispering yet again, weak and soft towards his lips.

“Uncle…” Leyla’s lips have become soft as though she had met bill Remmer once more.

“Kyle…” she called out with a delirious smile.

Evidently, the call followed. Leyla laughed thankfully against him, even though he knew in his coronary heart she become about to die.

She turned into dreaming of beautiful matters with a person that wasn’t him.

Matthias flashed lower back to the girl smiling brightly at Kyle Etman in front of him.

She changed into the child of Arvis, who grew as much as be so clever as she became pretty, her eyes all the time twinkling and loving with the whole lot she saw. The girl who escaped from him relentlessly, the lady he hoped become his however by no means became.

Become he killing her?

“Matthias.” Riette, who approached him, grabbed his shoulder slightly. It became only then that Matthias observed the existence of his cousin.

But it didn’t rouse any feel of alarm in him. just a void remained. despite Riette in front of him, Matthias’s eyes were just empty.

Matthias’ touch again to Leyla, being spurned through Riette’s touch on his shoulder.

His fingers roamed everywhere in the sweaty hair, the matted crimson face. His palms lingered on her neck, before moving to her palms, and torso before he subsequently leaned returned.

His hands dropped to the sides limply.

With a terse voice, he sooner or later spoke.

“Deliver me Etman. Now.”

“Kyle Etman!”

Kyle hurriedly seemed up for the voice that was urgently calling for him. The army police, one in all folks who positioned him in this jail, were rushing in, keys jingling as they stood in front his cell.

“You’ve been requested, personal Etman.” the police informed him as they unlocked his makeshift mobile.

Determining to be a little snarky after being imprisoned, Kyle could not assist however snap again at them.

“Oh? don’t I nonetheless have extra days to serve as punishment?”

“Prevent speaking clever and pop out!” the police barked harshly at him, yanking him up to his ft, “you’ve got been given an important task in vicinity of your punishment, so be grateful! Double time personal!” They entreated him, kind of grabbing him by his biceps and hauling him out of jail

“What do you suggest?” Kyle requested with exceptional confusion, “What project?”

“It is fundamental Herhardt’s orders.” the police grunted at him.

Ah, so he turned into being released under the Duke’s leniency huh? Kyle desired to chuckle mockingly on the idea. virtually this was simply every other unwell feel of justice the Duke had!

Just about as Kyle was approximately to snark again at the police, he become interrupted by way of an evidence.

The Duke’s leniency for putting himself on this warehouse. As soon as he desired to snort, the navy police persevered.

“The female the fundamental brought is very ill,” the police sternly defined, “And for a few purpose, he’s satisfied you may help. So arise, non-public Etman! Time’s a wastin!”

Cry, Even Better if you Beg Chapter 135 | Zoro to Manga

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